11 January 2019

Way2Global – The B Corp bringing the world together

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Way2Global announces certification as a Benefit Corporation

After a rigorous and demanding certification process, in which B Lab evaluated our social and environmental impact using the B Impact Assessment, Way2Global has officially obtained B Corporation Certification, becoming part of this trailblazing community of regenerative companies.

This recognition has been actively pursued by everyone at Way2Global, especially by the company’s Founder and CEO, Laura Gori, who in 2017 resolved to confirm her commitment to the B Corp Vision by actually defining the startup as a Benefit Company in its articles of association.

Way2Global is a B Corp down to its core, because it has always believed in a vision of business as a force for good, in the idea that the ordinary pursuit of profit can — or rather must — be accompanied by a new kind of responsibility toward the society in which businesses live and operate.

It is a B Corp because it wants to make the world a better place, casting its mission statement as “Beyond borders for a better world”. We believe it today more than ever, and with globalization bringing together the furthest corners of the world, not just in geographic but also in linguistic and cultural terms, translation is fundamental in favouring communication and understanding, beyond boundaries that would otherwise hinder our common pursuit of a better, united and supportive world.

It is a B Corp because it has consistently engaged in activities with a decisive social and environmental impact, with the utmost attention and care for its workers, the community it belongs to, the environment, customers and corporate governance methods. Internally, this includes launching innovative policies and best practices for inclusion, conciliation and flexibility, with the aim of creating a better work environment for all stakeholders. Externally, it comprises numerous partnerships promoted in the territory, involving the worlds of academia and research in training projects and other accomplishments, all focused on innovation.

For all these reasons, today Way2Global is a proud member of this community of over 2,600 Certified B Corps, striving every single day to improve their own communities and the world, reinventing and conveying a concept of business for the new millennium, delivering a better future for new generations.

The proud founder of Way2Global, Laura Gori, expresses her satisfaction in achieving this certification: “When I first got to know the Benefit Corporation, I was struck by its philosophy, by its ability to confer a higher and nobler sense upon my essence as a business woman. Managing a company capable of generating more value for the world than the resources it consumes is a challenging and undoubtedly fascinating vision that I have experienced as a more evolved, organic and all-embracing stage of CSR policies I once drew spontaneous and rudimentary inspiration from with the very same purpose: helping people to become the best version of themselves. Today, seeing my dream become a real vision that inspires and excites my people at Way2Global is my greatest source of satisfaction.”


Way2Global – La B Corp che unisce il mondo


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