18 September 2019

Way2Global in Hannover for EMO 2019

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Way2Global presents its specialized translation services at the metalworking industry’s leading biennial fair.

This year Way2Global returns to EMO, the most important biennial fair for the metalworking industry, held in Hannover from 16 to 21 September.

We are taking this opportunity to meet the main companies in the industry, customers with whom we work as a language partner, helping them with our specialized translation services for the technical sector to promote and export their brand and products worldwide.

We will also be able to create new partnerships with all companies looking for a valuable ally to conquer the global market, thanks to the exclusive expertise of our network of specialist translators and interpreters.

To give you an insight into the event and to show you how we work, we are sharing with you some contributions straight from the EMO 2019 pavilions!



Way2Global ad Hannover per EMO 2019


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