4 October 2022

KIID and KID translation: how it works and its advantages

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KIID and KID translation is one of the most frequently requested services, which is why we are familiar with its operation, including its work cycle, and its advantages.

For the uninitiated, the acronyms KIID and KID stand for Key Investor Information Document and Key Information Document. These are financial documents intended to inform investors about the characteristics of the product being invested in and any related risks.

Given the international reach of these products, KIIDs and KIDs should be translated into at least one other language to ensure that potential investors fully understand the information.

Translating these documents is a very delicate task that requires deep linguistic and financial knowledge. Let us take a look at how KIIDs and KIDs are translated by a professional translation agency.

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How it works

Translation of KIIDs and KIDs follows a process that is broken up into the following stages: preparation, translation and checks.

In the preparatory stage, all the information needed for the assignment is collected from the customer: type of document, its intended use, number of words, required languages, time schedule, etc. The people to be assigned to the task are then evaluated. KIIDs and KIDs deal with very specific areas, so it is necessary to turn to translators who specialize in this very niche field. This is the responsibility of the Project Manager, who oversees management of the job order to identify the most suitable language professionals, check their availability, and coordinate the entire work cycle so that the translation is completed and delivered by the deadline required by the customer.

Once the translation team has been set up, the actual translation process gets under way. Concision and clarity are the hallmarks of KIIDs and KIDs, so it is essential to also preserve these qualities in the translation. Professional translators who specialize in this area are well aware of this, and their linguistic knowledge enables them to identify the most suitable semantic equivalent for each term.

If you always use the same agency to translate these documents, you can enjoy another advantage: intra-document linguistic consistency ensured by using and updating translation memories. If a translation memory is not available, the customer is requested — to ensure necessary uniformity and fidelity to the their specialized jargon — to share their terminology database or other valuable existing linguistic resources.

Finally, there is the control stage, which involves multiple checks and focuses on both content and form. The first area is the prerogative of revisers. Revision of a translation is done by a second native-speaker translator, who backs up the linguist responsible for the translation and who must possess no less experience and expertise to be able to check whether any detail has been missed in the translation. Proofreaders, on the other hand, are responsible for checking a text’s form and identifying any remaining typos with a keen eye for detail.

At the end of the cycle, the translation returns to the project manager, who verifies its completeness and compliance with an additional final quality check and then delivers it to the customer.

If the job requires it and the customer so wishes, translation agencies often also offer an accompanying DTP service for the document, which is sometimes necessary for recreating the original layout, since the translated text may differ in length.


Entrusting translation of KIIDs and KIDs to an experienced agency is the best choice to convey professionalism and inspire confidence. When properly translated, this kind of document provides solid information for those who want to invest with their eyes open. And when it comes to communication with investors, it is best not to take chances.

Another advantage is that proper preparation saves the time and energy that would otherwise unnecessarily complicate translation of such texts. Those who draft KIIDs and KIDs know that it is a very complex and multifaceted job. Basic information must be reported in a way that is clear and comprehensive, as well as concise, which is by no means an easy task given the complexity of the subject matter. Translation works the same way: it takes commitment and expertise to transpose the content of such documents into another language, while ensuring total fidelity to the original.

Way2Global has been providing translations to the finance industry for over 30 years, so its teams of specialist translators can translate KIIDs and KIDs efficiently and professionally.

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