traduzione kiid e kid funzionamento vantaggi 1024x576


KIID and KID translation: how it works and its advantages

KIID and KID translation is one of the most frequently requested services, which is why we are familiar with its operation, including its work cycle, and its advantages. For […]

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gestire parole contesto globale 1024x576


Transcreation: managing words in a global context

To succeed in a global context, companies must handle words with care and creativity, two hallmarks of transcreation. Those involved in marketing, advertising campaigns, multimedia content, websites, […]

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traduzioni tecniche specialistiche 1024x576


Specialized technical translation

The term “specialized technical translation” refers to translating texts of a strictly technical/specialist nature into another language. Such texts can include manuals, guides, specifications, product sheets, […]

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vantaggi traduzioni software 1 1024x576


The advantages of software translation

Software translation is one of the most frequently requested services today, and not just because of the exponential evolution of this technology: It ensures significant advantages, and above all, […]

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traduttore professionale qualita 1024x576


The qualities of a professional translator

Translation of a complex document, like financial statements, a legal opinion or medical/scientific articles should only be assigned to a professional translator with a specific set of qualities. A […]

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vantaggi traduzioni app 1024x576


The advantages of translating apps

App translations provide three advantages for companies looking to export their products and services to other markets. First, translating the contents of these programs expands the target user base. […]

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impaginazione documenti la guida completa 1024x576


Document layout: a complete guide

Document layout is a step in the translation cycle that is rarely discussed, so we have decided to put together a comprehensive guide. A document’s layout is the […]

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quando richiedere traduzioni finanziarie 1024x576


When to request financial translations

Companies need to request financial translations much more frequently than in the past. Globalization has led to more companies operating internationally. Foreign subsidiaries and the need to interface with stakeholders speaking […]

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traduzioni professionali vantaggi


Professional translations: advantages and how to request them online

Professional translation can be an excellent growth driver for companies that need to communicate abroad in a language other than their own through important documents such as […]

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traduzioni tipologie e1645007904628


Translation: How many types are there?

There are numerous types of translation, although it is not easy to draw up an exhaustive list. Translation is a service that can be applied to every […]

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proofreading 1024x679


What is proofreading?

The term proofreading is often used when discussing our translation services, but not everyone knows exactly what it is. This is why we have decided to take a closer […]

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le fasi del processo di traduzione 1024x612


The stages of the translation process

Those who request a translation service often do not realize how much work goes on behind the scenes, which is why we have decided to outline the […]

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localizzazione traduzione e transcreation qual è la differenza 1024x546


Localisation, translation and transcreation: what is the difference?

Localisation, translation and transcreation are the terms used to refer to three different translation services, but how do they differ? The most well-known of these terms is […]

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quanto costa una traduzione 1024x683


How much does a translation cost?

The cost of a translation is an issue that a professional agency like ours has to deal with dozens of times every day. It is often difficult to […]

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agenzia di traduzioni perché sceglierle 1024x576


Translation agencies: why choose them?

Every company has at least one person who knows foreign languages, so you might wonder why it is necessary to turn to a translation agency. Using a […]

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brevetto 1024x536


Patents: What are they and what translation challenges do they entail?

According to the definition provided by the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM), a patent is an exclusive, state-guaranteed right by which a temporary monopoly is granted for a […]

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quali sono le lingue più parlate nel mondo


What are the most widely spoken languages in the world?

by Silvia Giancola   When you think about the most widely spoken languages in the world, English is usually the first one that springs to mind. However, […]

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ni_traduzione libri


Book translation: knowledge in the palm of your hand

Print, digital, new or used, books have always been – and continue to be – synonymous with knowledge. The sort of knowledge we can get from a book […]

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la traduzione a servizio della telemedicina


Translation for telemedicine

It’s been 50 years since the term “telemedicine” first appeared in the media, but only in the last couple of years has it truly entered the […]

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ni_google traduttore o agenzia di traduzione 1024x419


Google Translate or a translation agency?

Launched for the first time in 2006, Google Translate is now used by over 500 million people all over the world. This automatic translation program is […]

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finanza sostenibile la sfida per un domani migliore e cosa c entrano le traduzioni 1024x419


Sustainable finance, the challenge of building a better future and where translation comes in

by Silvia Giancola   The pandemic has introduced us all to the concept of the “new normal” – a different, evolved status quo that reflects our […]

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ni_relazione sulla corporate governance


The Corporate Governance Report: the bible of corporate sustainability

The Corporate Governance Report is a crucially important document that more and more companies are compelled to produce. The this document’s relevance stems from the key […]

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ni_cosa significa transcreation 1024x419


What is transcreation?

Transcreation – or creative translation – refers to a process of translation whose aim is to convert a message from one language to another while maintaining […]

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ni_bilancio di sostenibilita


Non-financial reporting: Why translate it?

Non-financial reporting has seen many significant developments over the years. While in the past, companies were free to choose whether they wanted to publish information on […]

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cs_traduzione di bilanci i nostri numeri di successo


Translation of financial statements: another success story

An important Italian company that provides postal, banking, financial and telecommunications services requested our specialized translation service from Italian into English for its financial documentation, specifically financial […]

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cs traduzioni medico scientifiche it


Medical and scientific translations: Life-saving language

INTRODUCTION: One of Italy’s leading pharmaceutical companies, which specializes in diagnosis and research, commissioned us, through its communications agency, to provide multilingual translation of specialized content […]

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ni_smartworking it


How do you translate “smart working”?

The term “smart working” is more popular than ever before right now – but that doesn’t mean we understand exactly what it is. So what does […]

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