26 July 2022

The advantages of software translation

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Software translation is one of the most frequently requested services today, and not just because of the exponential evolution of this technology: It ensures significant advantages, and above all, an increase in sales.

Translating applications into other languages enables user base expansion, thus boosting the number of potential customers, two key factors for ultimate success.

Translation enhances target identification by companies that produce and commercialize software. Let’s take a look at how this happens.

Improve target identification

First and foremost, each company must clearly home in on the target they intend to reach out to by assessing basic information, particularly the geographic market. This information is vital to determining the choice of language for the communication strategy.

It is commonly known that languages like English, Chinese or Arabic are widespread, but this does not make them compulsory by any means. The decision to translate software in more specific language options improves potential customers’ user experience, a crucial factor for conversion and sales.

Most people prefer to interact with programs specifically created in their native language, since this means they can:

  • better understand how the product works;
  • use the software correctly;
  • weigh the pros and cons of making the purchase.

All these elements help build a relationship of trust between the user and producer. Providing information in a different language is indicative of the company’s attention and commitment to delivering a user experience that is as seamless and pleasant as possible. It also indicates transparency, because it provides users with all the necessary tools for deciding on their own whether buying the software is worth it.

However, translation alone is not enough for targeting new users. It must be delivered in conjunction with another service: localization.


This term denotes the process of linguistic and cultural adaptation that makes content usable for a community of people who belong to a different cultural context. This is a step up from translation, because it is not limited to transposing content in the target language: It also contextualizes it based on the recipient’s culture. In addition to linguistic expressions, elements that typically require adaptation include currency, dates, times, numbers, etc.

The intervention is executed for application support documents (guides, user manuals, etc.) and for the software itself, which is a much more complex and articulated process.

Software localization is a procedure consisting of various steps:

  • String code isolation. The service is exclusively delivered for codes that are visible to users; all others remain unchanged, because they are linked to intrinsic program functions.
  • Translation and localization of the text. Previously isolated code strings are translated and localized.
  • Language check. Checks are run to ensure the new language is displayed correctly, given that translations may sometimes be longer.
  • Functionality check. A check is run to ensure correct function (testing).

The huge advantage of this procedure is that it delivers a customized product that appears to have been specifically created for the desired target. This is a crucial aspect when looking to meet the conditions essential to generating customer loyalty and boosting sales.

The only way to achieve these advantages is to turn to a professional agency for translation and localization services. At Way2Global we rely on native-language translators specialized in software and IT. Thanks to our professionals and a work cycle guaranteed by no less than three ISO Certifications, we deliver rapid high-quality language services for our customers.

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    Laura Gori is the Founder and CEO of Way2Global, a women-led translation agency startup with a Benefit ethos. After 30 years at the helm of a small multinational localization company, Laura decided to make a fresh start and founded Way2Global to conduct business in a way that benefits society and the environment, while promoting corporate growth. A fervent advocate of Benefit Corporations and women’s empowerment, Laura takes every opportunity to spread awareness on these issues and contribute to a fairer, more egalitarian and sustainable economy for all.
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