16 September 2019

Start-ups united in the #RACE4CHANGE. The prize? Our planet!

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Way2Global is one of the start-ups set to clean up plastic in Milan on 20 September

The planet and ecosustainability are key words of the initiative by Milanese start-ups scheduled for 20 September, on occasion of the “Puliamo il Mondo” (“Clean Up the World”) event by Legambiente and European Sustainable Mobility Week.

totally green #Race4Change, sponsored by the Municipality of Milan and involving several companies, including: WekiwiHomePalBiròBeMyEyeMicro (Selegiochi), MidoriMimotoQwarzoThe Digital ProjectInventoLab and of course Way2Global.

The teams will compete in a bid to achieve environmental and social sustainability in a challenge down to the last collected bottle. They will get around the Lombard capital using totally ecofriendly means of conveyance made available for the occasion, and their aim is to collect as much plastic as possible from the streets. The teams will be free to choose from push scooters, mopeds or cars, all fully electric and ecosustainable, or simply move about on foot. The goal is to clean up our city, but also to raise citizen awareness on plastic consumption and recycling.

The challenge will involve the Moscova, Chinatown and Garibaldi neighbourhoods, as well as the area around the central station, right up to Isola and the surrounding area. There is no pre-set route, however a pit-stop has been organised, offered by Panino Giusto in Via Turati, and Grom, in corso Buenos Aires. Apart from delicious sandwiches and fresh ice cream, the well-deserved prize for committed participants will be nothing less than the planet, partly saved from one of its most dangerous enemies.

This why those of us at Way2Global were keen to participate in the event, with ten individuals from our team ready to make their contribution toward the environment. We strongly believe that strength comes from union and we never miss out on a chance to cooperate with other enterprises who share our values and goals. As a Benefit Company and certified B Corp, we are always ready to participate in initiatives with a positive social or environmental impact and which enable us to use our business as a positive force.

In view of collaboration with Davines and Italian B Corps for collecting plastic in the Mediterranean Sea, which first began some months ago, and right in the middle of our 100% plastic-free office conversion, there couldn’t have been a better moment for the #Race4Change. A unique occasion for actively involving all our employees in the war against plastic, one we cannot afford to lose.

Business has the power to change things, even starting from such small actions. This is why I suggested this initiative to my team and I was delighted it was met with such widespread, immediate and enthusiastic participation. This means that creating social and environmental value is not only my business vision, but it is also a priority for those who work with me every day. This sharing of a dream for a better future is what makes us a winning team!
Laura Gori — Founder & CEO of Way2Global Srl SB


“#Race4Change: small gestures to change the world” has a very clear objective: to raise awareness and educate citizens for a clean and healthy world, conserving the beauty of the planet. This is why the event will receive extensive coverage on social networks as well as across company and participant channels .

Participate, share, spread and amplify the event. The Planet is calling. It is our duty to answer.
Friday 20th September 2019 — Save the Date!


Startup unite per la #RACE4CHANGE. In premio? Il pianeta!


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