Software localization: how it works and all the benefits

Software localization is a service that offers significant benefits to those who produce and market software, and especially its users, yet few people know how it works. This is why we […]

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App localization: how the process works and its advantages

App localization is a must for companies that want to tap into new markets. Speaking the user’s language is a strategic choice that allows the business to grow, which […]

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DTP: What it is and how it works

DTP is an acronym commonly used to refer to desktop publishing, which is one of the services provided by translation agencies like ours. Transitioning a text from one language […]

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Difference between translation and adaptation

Identifying a clear difference between translation and adaptation is a very difficult, if not impossible task. Translation is a process of linguistic transposition requiring a nuanced approach that […]

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Language localization: What’s it all about?

“What’s language localization all about?” is what many people ask themselves the first time they come across the term. In very simple terms, language localization is […]

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How to localize a website

Everyone knows that a website is an absolute must for any company that wants to compete in today’s market. Now more than ever, with people all over the world stuck […]

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Localization: when translation isn’t enough

During this historic period, everyone increasingly goes to the Internet to buy products or services. A search engine presents us with all the websites with content […]

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Website localization: what it is and why it’s important

Website localization is a service that has risen to prominence in recent years in response to the need to satisfy the requirements of today’s user-centric market. […]

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