interpretariato gestualita 1024x576


Interpreting and gestures: what you need to know

Interpreting is a way of translating a verbal message, but interpreters must also be able to translate nonverbal communication expressed through gestures, for example. Our communication largely consists […]

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interpretariato di trattativa per azienda


Liaison interpreting for your company

Liaison interpreting is an essential service if your company wants to operate effectively in international markets. The service consists of translating oral speech but, unlike other forms of interpreting […]

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interpretariato in consecutiva caratteristiche e vantaggi 1024x538


The characteristics and advantages of consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting involves oral translation of a speaker’s speech by an interpreter. More specifically, in this form of interpreting, the speaker talks for a few minutes and […]

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chuchotage 1024x683


What is chuchotage?

Chuchotage is a term that is rarely mentioned, so it is reasonable to wonder what it consists of. Chuchotage is the French term for a type of […]

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interpreti per assicurarsi il successo dellazienda


Interpreters to ensure a company’s success

Interpreters can ensure a company’s success, especially in the case of businesses with ambitions to expand abroad. Companies entering international markets must interface with stakeholders who speak a […]

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interpretazione in simultanea e in consecutiva le differenze 1024x683


The differences between simultaneous and consecutive interpreting

Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting are the best-known types of interpreting, but there are major differences between them. Before examining them, it is worth reviewing what is meant by the […]

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interpretariato di conferenza perché serve 1024x536


Conference interpreting: why confidentiality is key

Conference interpreting is the service required when you need to provide spoken translation between one language and another during an event. This type of interpreting is suitable […]

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interpretariato telefonico 1024x683


Bringing people closer together through telephone interpreting

Telephone interpreting might have been created in response to an emergency situation, but it has quickly become a highly specialized language service in its own right. It […]

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ni_traduttore vs interprete 1 1024x419


Translators and interpreters: the same but different?

by Francesca Calabrò Elena Ferrante’s American translator, TV interpreters on Oscar night, EU translators… In today’s globalized multicultural world, we regularly hear the terms “translator” and […]

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ni_interpretariato in simultanea 1024x419


Features and benefits of simultaneous interpreting

Among the various forms of interpreting, the best-known and most widely used is without a doubt simultaneous interpreting. As its name suggests, in this methodology — […]

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