14 November 2019

Excellence of the Year — Innovation & Leadership, Language Service Provider

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Way2Global honoured at the Le Fonti Awards®

“For using their business to generate not just economic value, but also social and environmentalvalue. For being a leader in the translation sector and providing custom, high-quality service. All thanks to an emphasis on technological innovation and a focus on sustainability.”

It was for these reasons that Way2Global was presented with the “Excellence of the Year — Innovation & Leadership, Language Service Provider” award at the Fonti Awards® at Palazzo Mezzanotte last week.

The Le Fonti Awards® Italy are part of the international Le Fonti Awards® initiative, which focuses on the world of business. In recognition of the success of the Le Fonti Awards, the ceremony is now broadcast live on the Le Fonti streaming site, which is the only such site to offer a schedule focusing exclusively on the legal, business and financial worlds.

To identify organisations worthy of recognition, the Le Fonti Awards® study centre undertakes a process of extensive investigation and analysis, while the final selection is made with the contribution of editorial opinion from the World ExcellenceLEGAL and Finanza & Diritto publications, as well as on the basis of a survey taken of more than 40,000 expert figures in the business and professional world.

There are a wide range of awards categories (Sector Innovation, Business Results, Sector Leadership, Strategic Development, Internationalisation, High Quality of Service, Training and Sustainability), but all share one common denominator: sustainable innovation.

According to the Le Fonti ethos, sustainability is about promoting a better quality of life within companies, in relation to economic, social and environmental decisions, and the capacity to generate a positive impact within organisations and for the community at large.

These are principles that come naturally to Way2Global as a company, and to founder and CEO Laura Gori: an entrepreneur who has made them her passion.

It is no coincidence that Way2Global was set up as a benefitcorporation and later achieved B Corp certification, in recognition of its innovativebusinessmodel which is designed to bring benefits to the general public. Our “pledge to the world” starts from within: from our corporate social responsibility and wellbeing policies to our employee work/life balance initiatives such as smart-working, our in-house gym and our pharmacy and laundry service with home delivery. Yet we also reach out to our professional community, encouraging our translators to get involved as we explore the new frontiers of tech innovation, and support initiatives to benefit the entire planet, like planting trees to offset our CO2 emissions.

“The recognition that Way2Global has had the honour of receiving in the space of just two years isn’t just evidence that we’re making the right decisions. It’s also confirmation that we can — and we must — use business to generate value and make the world a better place. It’s heartening to know that I am not alone in believing that. There is a whole group of passionate entrepreneurs and bold leaders who share these values and are coming together to build a network for good and revolutionise the current economic system.”

Laura Gori, Founder & CEO of Way2Global Srl SB


Eccellenza dell’Anno - Innovazione & Leadership, Language Service Provider


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