3 October 2018

Way2Global linguistic partner at Salone del Risparmio [Savings Expo] 2018

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Way2Global’s interpreting services took center stage at the finance’s industry’s largest event of the year.

The world of finance gathered in Milan at the 2018 Salone del Risparmio [Savings Expo], which for years has been the industry’s most influential event. Various industry players welcome the chance to get together to share experiences and ideas, at a networking event that spawns new collaborations and opportunities to optimize industry expertise.

The event took place April 10, 11 and 12 at Milano Congressi [MiCo Expo Center] with key professionals and eminent institutional leaders from Italy and abroad taking part as presenters during the event’s many seminars and breakout sessions. As is now tradition, on the event’s last day, the doors were opened to students and individual investors interested in learning more about the topics discussed.

The various conference rooms hosted the likes of outgoing Minister of Economic Development Carlo Calenda, former Minister of the Economy and Finance Giulio Tremonti, and Ng Kok Song, Managing Director of Singapore’s Investment Corporation, among other notable political figures. Industry leaders heading up conference sessions included members of the top financial companies, including Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Janus Henderson, Axa and Morgan Stanley.

The various presentations were divided into seven topic areas covering every field, from consulting to education and childhood, to raising awareness of financial issues to new fintech services and an analysis of emerging markets. The common thread among all presentations was the idea of sustainability applied to today’s current economic climate, and globalization.

Way2Global added its own value to the event with its interpreting services, which allowed a number of guests from across the globe to take part, ensuring everyone could fully understand the technical, rather complex issues underlying the discussions. This served to emphasize the international scope of the event — the ambitious goal in the financial world, which continually strives to transcend borders.

Thus, Way2Global’s mission of transcending borders to make the world a better place was fully realized, both through the multi-lingual translation services delivered and by channeling topics grounded in sustainability and internationalization — two issues that have continually driven the company.

So once again, Way2Global was in the spotlight as a partner on par with big-league international economic and finance players, its linguistic services providing evidence of the company’s unmatched professionalism.


Way2Global linguistic partner al Salone del Risparmio 2018


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