9 November 2018

Way2Global: linguistic partner at the 2018 Salone dei Pagamenti [Payment Expo]

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Way2Global’s interpreting services took center stage at the event dedicated to new frontiers in payments and fintech.

The stars of the finance world gathered in Milan for the 2018 Salone dei Pagamenti [Payment Expo].

The event took place on November 7, 8 and 9 at Milan Congressi [MiCo Expo Center]. A number of industry professionals attended as guests or presenters for the myriad seminars held, in addition to a number of students who came to further their knowledge in economics and finance.

The various programs were divided into eight macro themes addressing all major issues in the field: AI, evolution of the banking system, blockchain and cryptocurrency, fintech in Italy, the future of global payments, the relationship between finance and millennials, the de-materialization of cash, and the ushering in of a digital society.

Way2Global lent its own added value to the event with its interpreting services, which allowed a number of guests from across the globe to take part in the Payment Expo, facilitating cross-cultural exchanges, and ensuring everyone could fully understand the technical and rather complex issues underlying the discussions. This served to emphasize the international scope of the event — an ambitious goal in the financial world, which continually strives to transcend geographic boundaries to operate unfettered on a global level.

Way2Global proved itself on par with the leading economic and financial participants, receiving public acknowledgment for the quality of its services from the event’s producers.



Way2Global: linguistic partner at the 2018 Salone dei Pagamenti [Payment Expo]


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