13 April 2018

STEM in the city 2018: Way2Global was present to talk about the future

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The second edition of STEM in the City returns with a marathon of events and conferences to spread STEM culture.

Following the success of its inaugural edition, STEM in the City is once again taking Milan by storm. The project — produced by the Municipality of Milan in cooperation with leading players in both the public and private sectors, and made possible through the support of the United Nations — aims to spread STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) culture, and to close the gender gap in related careers and professions, clearing the field of cultural stereotypes.

Among the new themes featured in this year’s edition is STEM+A, an acronym that serves to add “Art” to the equation. This was done because in today’s world, technology is just as vital for those working in the arts and humanities.

From April 10 through 13, the STEM Marathon was held at various locations across the city, with a series of events open to the public and dedicated to education, workshops, debates, and symposia on the strategies and policies needed to effect true social and cultural change within a community.

Way2Global was an active player in the project. The company was represented by CEO & Founder Laura Gori, and by Innovation Manager Claudio Negri, who spoke during one of the seminars on the role of STEM in the language-services market, delving in particular into the issue of Neural Machine Translation and its impact on the translation world.

This was a significant contribution — the representation of an industry that is increasingly impacted by technological innovation, provided by a pioneer in the fusion of technology and translation: Way2Global.


STEM in the city 2018: Way2Global presente per parlare di futuro


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