High-quality Slovene translations


We offer clients Slovene translations of the highest quality, produced by qualified native-language professionals specializing in a range of sectors and overseen by our experienced, professional project managers for the full duration of the project process.

The high demand for Slovene-Italian translation is due to the fact that Italy is Slovenia’s main partner in the Balkan region, its second-largest end market and supplier country and its third-largest investor. The result is a valuable trade partnership, which it is important to cultivate and grow with effective communication.

It is therefore essential not only to translate your documents, but above all to entrust your Slovene translations to professionals. Our Slovene translators have expertise in a wide range of sectors including legal, financial, fashion, luxury, design and the technical and mechanical industries.

Looking for a Slovene interpreter?


It is not easy to find a skilled Slovene interpreter. There is a saying in Slovenia that “every village has its own voice”: Although Slovene is spoken by just 2.3 million people, there are around 40 dialects of the language, which are sometimes so different that they hinder communication. This is why an interpreter is needed.

Our Slovene interpreters are experienced in all types of interpreting. Whether you require an interpreter for business negotiation, a trade fair or a conference, our project managers will work with you every step of the way to organize the service and to select the best Slovene interpreter for the job at hand.

Slovene translation: Interesting facts


Slovene is one of the oldest languages in the world and it is the only one in Europe that still uses the dual form. As in Ancient Greek, the dual is a grammatical category that refers to the number and indicates two people or things. Clearly it is not a simple language, so it is best to rely on professionals like our qualified translators.

Slovenes do not swear! There are no real curses in the Slovene language — those in common use are generally borrowed from the countries of the former Yugoslavia or from English in the case of young people.

The worst curses that can be heard in Slovene are: “Tristo kosmatih medvedov” (Three hundred hairy bears), “Naj te koklja brcne!” (May the hen kick you!) and “Krščen matiček!” (Baptised Matthew!).

Business tips for Slovenia   


Slovenes are generally individualists, especially in the workplace. While this is reflected in the ease with which people who work hard achieve success, making the country a true meritocracy, it also leads to a certain degree of aversion toward teamwork and collaboration.