Quality Polish translations


For several years, translations from Italian to Polish have been among our most in-demand services from Italian businesses. Italy is Poland’s third-largest trading partner and its fifth-largest direct investor, with the number of Italian companies operating in the country — over 850 at last count — constantly rising.

Our Polish translators have expertise in a wide range of fields, including legal, financial, fashion and luxury, design, technical and mechanical. At Way2Global, we can translate any materials or documentation you require into or from Polish.

We offer our clients Polish translations of the highest quality, produced by qualified native-language professionals specializing in a range of sectors and overseen by our experienced, professional project managers for the full duration of the project.


Looking for a Polish interpreter?


It’s not easy to find a quality Polish interpreter. Polish has one of the highest numbers of phonemes of any language, making pronunciation very difficult indeed. Our Polish interpreters are experienced in all types of interpreting. Whether you require an interpreter for a business negotiation, a trade fair or a conference, our project managers will work with you every step of the way to organize the service and select the best Polish interpreters for the job.

Our service provides clients with invaluable peace of mind, eliminating all the difficulties associated with such a complex language that is very different from Italian.


Polish translation: facts and stats


Polish is spoken as a native language by around 44 million people and studied as a second language by 10,000 people around the world. Besides being the official language of Poland, Polish is spoken in 22 other countries.

Polish has complicated grammar. For example, there are seven different variations for adjectives and nouns in Polish. The number two, for instance, remains unaltered in Italian, but in Polish can take 17 different forms, depending on such factors as gender, number and function within the phrase: dwa, dwie, dwoje, dwóch, dwaj, dwiema, dwom, dwoma, dwojga, dwojgu, dwojgiem, dwójka, dwójki, dwójkę, dwójką, dwójce, dwójko.

Polish also has a particularly diverse phonetic alphabet (a total of 42 phonemes to Italian’s 30), making pronunciation tricky.


Business tips concerning Poland


Polish business people tend to be particularly serious and formal in the business forum, maintaining impeccable behaviour and reserve during initial meetings especially. This is another reason why Polish interpreting requires professionalism and experience: which is why it’s so important to put your trust in a company that has years of experience — one like us!


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