Native-speaking English translators


Translation from Italian into English is an essential component of the international expansion strategy of any Italian company. Besides being one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, English is also the language of business. It’s why translating your website or online store into English is the first step for many Italian companies looking to tap into the global market.

English translation services are crucial not just for companies that export their products abroad or want to expand their business overseas, but also for any company or multinational with an international presence, because English often becomes the lingua franca for internal communications.

The apparent ease of learning and using the language can often mask its true complexity, leading to unfortunate misunderstandings or even diplomatic incidents with catastrophic consequences for brand reputation.


Working with a translation agency ensures that you and your company receive professional service that will optimize your communications as you move to conquer the global markets.


Here at Way2Global, our team of native-speaking, specialist English translators are coordinated and supported by dedicated project managers to ensure you receive a comprehensive English translation service combining quality and speed.

In addition to specializing in key sectors (legal, finance, technical, medical/scientific, fashion, luxury, media and entertainment), our English translators are also experienced in the different variants of the language. These range from the most common:

  • British
  • Irish
  • American
  • Canadian

to more unusual varieties, such as:

  • Cockney
  • Scottish
  • African-American vernacular
  • Jamaican
  • Australian
  • New Zealand
  • South African
  • Indian
  • African pidgins and creoles
  • Tok Pisin

Our team’s expertise can help facilitate business relationships with all English-speaking countries, adding value to your international communications. And that’s never been more true than today, when customization, attention to detail and relationship management are the keys to success in global markets.


Need an English interpreter?


With a large networkofinterpreters across the world and our high-tech online and remote interpreting service, we can act quickly to provide solutions for a range of assignments, from physical and virtual business meetings to conferences, events and seminars.

Our project managers will help you to select the best English interpreters for your needs – and they’ll also advise you on which form of interpreting is best for you:

  • simultaneous
  • liaison
  • consecutive
  • whispered
  • RSI
  • oversound

Choosing a quality interpreting service allows companies to tap into all the growth opportunities offered by the international market.


English translation: things you might not know


Though the international leadership of English-speaking countries like the USA and Great Britain is starting to waver, the same certainly cannot be said of the English language itself. English seems destined to hold onto its status as the world’s lingua franca, not least because of the relative ease with which it can be learned.

The number of people who use English around the world is so great that a series of local variants have sprung up over the years, giving rise to something known as globish (global + English). This simplified version of English uses only the most common, simplest words and phrases from British and American English, which – thanks to the internet – have become part of the universal language.

Globish is significantly easier to understand and speak than standard English – and it’s triggered something of a revolution around the world. After all, it’s impossible for everybody to learn the 500,000 or so words contained in the English dictionary. That’s why other simplified versions of English have followed in the footsteps of globish.

Whatever type of English your clients use, Way2Global has you covered. Our global network of translators and interpreters is ready and waiting to deliver a custom translation service for any end client.


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