English translation is an essential component of any company’s international expansion strategy.

In addition to being one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, English is also the language of business. That is why translating a website or online store into this language is the first step for many companies looking to tap into the global market.

Translation services are crucial not just for companies who export their products or who want to expand their business overseas, but also for any company or multinational with international branches – as English often becomes the lingua franca for internal communications.

However, the apparent simplicity of the language to learn and use can often mask its true complexity, leading to unfortunate misunderstandings or even diplomatic incidents with catastrophic consequences for brand reputation.

Working with a translation agency means that you and your company are assured of receiving a professional service that will succeed in optimizing your content and communications as you look to conquer the global markets.

English translations: all language variants

Here at Way2Global, our team of native-speaker, specialist English translators are coordinated and supported by dedicated project managers to ensure you receive a comprehensive translation service combining quality and speed.

Our English translation service covers all the regulated sectors: legal, financialtechnical, medical and scientific, fashion and luxury and media and entertainment.

Our translators are familiar with all variants of English, from the most common:

  • British
  • Irish
  • American

to more unusual varieties, such as:

  • Cockney
  • Scottish
  • Canadian
  • African-American
  • Australian
  • New Zealand
  • South African

Our team’s linguistic expertise can help facilitate business relationships with all English-speaking countries, and add value to your international communications. That’s never been more applicable than now, when customization, attention to detail and relationship management are the keys to success in global markets.

Why choose us for your English translations?

Our clients – who range from multinationals to SMEs –entrust us with English translation of their communications due to our unique strengths.

  • Over 30 years’ experience. We’ve been supplying English translations for over 30 years, over which time we’ve built up efficient processes that enable us to offer a comprehensive, detailed solution to every client need.
  • Specialist, native-speaker English translators. We work with native-speaking professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience of their field of expertise. Every translator is selected through a stringent process that complies with standard ISO 17100, and we provide complete training and continued professional development (e.g. Way2Academy).
  • Rapid, flexible workflows. Every assignment is overseen by a project manager, who will set up a team of translators, linguists, editors and proofreaders selected based on the specifics of the translation required and any needs expressed by the client. Where necessary, we activate a rush procedure that further speeds up delivery times.
  • Positive impact for all. As a certified Benefit Corporation, Way2Global strives to ensure that its activities generate positive impacts for all our stakeholders, the community and the environment, as illustrated by our signature Made in B ItalyLanguage Industry 4.0.Green Translations and Way2Academy

By opting for Way2Global’s English translation services, you’ll receive a quality service that not only satisfies your requirements, but also generates a positive impact in social and environmental terms.

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