French translation service: European and Canadian


Our French translation service plays a key role not only in business relations with France but also in commercial ties with other continents.

French translations are an absolute must for any business looking to expand worldwide. French is the official language of approximately 30 countries around the world, making it the only language – alongside English – to be spoken on all five main continents. It’s one of the three official languages of the European Union and is also recognized as an official language of many other international organizations, such as the UN and NATO.

France has long been a key economic partner for Italy, thanks in no small part to its geographical proximity and cultural similarities. Yet using a professional French translation service also gives companies the chance to open up their business to large, dynamic markets such as North Africa and Canada.

Algeria and Morocco in particular have excellent bilateral relations with Italy and represent key strategic locations for the African market, as well as benefiting from prosperous, growing economies.

The French translation service from Way2Global will allow your business to tap into all these opportunities and grow in these markets.

To ensure we can offer the best possible French translation service for your documents, tailored to the French-speaking region where you want to operate, we tap into our vast team of native-speakingFrench translators, who include specialists in many different fields and language variants.

Whether you need translation in the legal, financial, technical, leisure or media and entertainment sectors, we’ll find the right professional for you from our expert translation team.

The quality of our translation service in European or Canadian French is guaranteed by the process we use to select only the best linguists. They are supported by project managers who will advise you on the best solutions and deal with all requirements, providing you with an impeccable service where speed and professionalism are assured.

If you require French interpreting services, we’ll accommodate your needs quickly.

As we all know, French is a language with unique pronunciation, which makes it fascinating to listen to yet tricky to speak fluently. You might think it would be easy to find a French interpreter, but we believe that extensive training and preparation is vital.

Our French interpreters are perfect for any setting, be it a business negotiation, a convention, a conference, a trade fair or even an online interpreting assignment.

Whatever the requirement, our project managers will advise you on the most suitable linguist for your specific needs. They’ll also help you choose the most appropriate form of interpreting for your event:

  • simultaneous
  • liaison
  • consecutive
  • whispered
  • RSI
  • voiceover

We’ll ensure seamless communication and advise you on whether you will need to rent any equipment. We ensure significant savings in time, organization and effort, to deliver a professional service.

In a nutshell, this is the European or Canadian French translation service we provide our clients to help them find success on the global market.


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