Whispered interpreting services: when individuals can make all the difference


Whispered interpreting is only suitable for one listener or a very small group of listeners who are seated or standing very close to one another.

Whispered interpreting is a special form of simultaneous interpreting in which the interpreter whispers the translation to the ear of the listener.

Like simultaneous interpreting, the advantage of whispered interpreting is that there is a minimal time lag between the original speech and the interpretation – plus, no technical equipment is required at all.

The big difference is that the target audience must be very small, with all individuals situated very close to each another to allow the interpreter to whisper and not drown out or distract the main speaker.

For this reason, whispered interpreting services

  • are usually limited to settings such as bilateral meetings, debates or other events where only a few of those involved do not speak the main language being used. Live television shots are another forum where whispered interpreting is used;
  • are performed by a lone interpreter;
  • are used for relatively short events, under two hours.

Whispered interpreting may be requested as an addition to a consecutive interpreting service, where the audience has the opportunity to participate during a Q&A or interactive session.

In addition to translation, whispered interpreting requires an interpreter to control their voice and keep it low enough to not drown out the speaker, enabling them to listen to what’s going on in the room while ensuring their client can hear properly.

This requires a great deal of concentration, meaning that whispered interpreting is only possible for short periods of time and requires expert interpreters with extensive experience in the field.

That’s why our translation agency has a select team of highly qualified, native-speaker interpreters specializing in whispered interpreting, ensuring you get the best possible interpreting service

  • wherever you are in the world
  • in any language combination
  • from professionals with knowledge and expertise in various business sectors.

So, for impeccable whispered interpreting service, our experience and professionalism make our translation agency the ideal partner to help you overcome the language barrier.


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