Simultaneous interpreting services with booths and “bidules”


Our agency’s simultaneous interpreting services are the perfect solution to help maximize your event’s international reach.

Simultaneous interpreting is a form of oral translation that is performed by an interpreter at the same time a speaker is talking, with a minimal time delay known as a décalage.

To provide simultaneous interpretation, the interpreters are located in a special booth, where they listen to a speech on headphones and translate in real time into a microphone, with the audience listening on headphones.

Simultaneous interpreting is ideal for conferences, seminars, conventions and any event with a large, international audience.

Our translation agency provides simultaneous interpreting services in any language and for events and initiatives in all sectors. Our simultaneous interpreters are expert, native-speaker professionals specializing in a range of different fields, including finance, legal, fashion, luxury and niche technical sectors.

Unless the assignment calls for a brief simultaneous interpretation lasting less than an hour, a team of simultaneous interpreters should always be composed of two individuals who take turns interpreting. Simultaneous interpreting requires a stressful degree of concentration, so it is important to avoid interpreting for long periods, as this would prevent the interpreters from providing their best possible service.

Usually, simultaneous interpreting requires the use of a soundproof booth and a conference system. However, if the conference venue does not have interpreting booths or a conference system, simultaneous interpreting can also be provided using a “bidule”. A bidule is a simplified simultaneous interpreting system that can be used for a limited number of participants, up to 75.

Simultaneous interpreting using a bidule works with a portable radio transmission and reception system that makes it possible for the audience to hear the translation in their headphones. It’s a similar system to those you may have seen on guided tourist excursions.

Event organization is a complex business in and of itself – one that requires plenty of time and hard work. That’s especially true if the people attending the conference come from all over the world, requiring special arrangements to ensure that international guests can get the most out of the programme on offer.

So why choose to deal with the translation service yourself? Our project managers specialized in interpreting solutions will:

  • advise you on the best simultaneous interpreting service for you
  • select the most suitable interpreters based on the required language combination and subject matter
  • deal with all logistical issues related to the simultaneous interpreting service, such as interpreter travel, working hours and shift management
  • source any equipment required for the simultaneous interpreting service, such as headphones and bidule
  • attend the event – at the request of the client – to manage and monitor the interpreters on the ground and ensure the quality of the simultaneous interpreting service

With Way2Global’s simultaneous interpreting solutions, you’ll find the professionalism and excellence you’re looking for to take your event global.