Localization and translations for the pharmaceutical industry

Translations for the pharmaceutical industry cover a broad swathe of medical science translations from research, through production, to drug distribution.

This vast sector includes standard documentation, drug research, development, and trials, as well as the regulatory process with patent registration and approval by the competent authorities, i.e., the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in Europe.

The last stretch is the distribution and market launch of a new drug, with all aspects related to labeling, packaging, and marketing.

Pharmaceutical translations must therefore be entrusted to professionals with the kind of proven track record and experience that our translation agency offers because of their complexity and high degree of specialization, in which

  • terminological precision
  • consistency and stylistic rigor
  • and reliable content

are fundamental.

Because the pharmaceutical industry operates on a global scale, clinical research and drug development involve multiple countries and their respective languages.

This is why as high-quality language service providers for the pharma industry we are honored to contribute to making the clinical trial process more efficient and shortening the time to market for new drugs.

Translation services for the pharmaceutical industry are necessary at every level of this process, and every clinical protocol, package insert, handbook, or patent is a crucial step in the long, complex path to drug production, in which no mistakes may be made.

Our translations for the pharmaceutical industry guarantee the rigor and quality of a team of professionals and specialists:

  • specialized professional native-speaking translators
  • native-speaking proofreaders for multiple checks of translated texts
  • proofreaders and medical sector experts to update and enhance content and style
  • cutting-edge technologies to ensure precise, rapid translations and meet the pharma industry’s deadlines, which can often be tight

This is why our translations for the pharmaceutical industry are highly accurate, true to the original, and clearly written using pharma terminology.

Related services for your pharmaceutical translations

Alongside our translations for the pharmaceutical industry, we offer an in-house formatting service managed by our own graphics and desktop publishing (DTP) department.

We can manage the formatting and graphic layout of any file or document, in any language, even the most complex, like Arabic and Chinese.

This is an integrated service that creates inestimable added value, especially in the translation of drug packaging or inserts.

It is precisely by integrating our in-house work teams with multi-disciplinary expertise, from our proofreaders to our medical writers, from our linguists to our pharma specialists to our graphics experts, that we provide impeccable services to top pharma companies:

  • drug makers
  • regulators and drug agencies
  • clinical research labs
  • healthcare operators

Our ability to manage a complete, complex work cycle begins with the translation process in its strictest sense and extends to all related services before and after formatting, quality control, standardization of packaging and back translation (if requested), including the creation of bilingual package inserts and drug information sheets in German for products distributed in South Tyrol.

Ethics Committees often request back translation of pharmaceutical marketing texts or clinical trials to identify any potential ambiguities or sensitive details that could create oversights or misunderstandings in the translation.

Back translation ensures that any intercultural issues are adequately considered and resolved before the translated text is published, to ensure that the text is conceptually and culturally appropriate for the target audience.

To complete our range of services for the pharmaceutical industry, when translating documents with legal consequences, such as patents or registered trademarks, our translation agency offers services encompassing:

  • sworn or certified translations
  • legalization
  • apostille
  • consulate certification

with courts and embassies in Italy.


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