Translations for the medical sector, medical devices and electromedical equipment

Translations for the medical sector, including medical devices and electromedical equipment, are crucial for a company intent on distributing its medical technologies in a global market.

Medical devices are highly sophisticated, complex tools. This is why professional localization and translation services for the medical sector are indispensable for the distribution and correct use of these products.

In a critical sector like this, essential for human life, no mistakes may be made at any point in the value chain.

This is why it is vital to entrust your translations for the medical sector, medical devices and electromedical equipment to a professional translation agency with a solid organization and ten years of experience and expertise.

With our translations for the medical sector, we guarantee clear, reliable manuals in the target country’s language, for a safe, functional user experience with medical devices and electromechanical equipment of any kind (e.g., diagnosis, therapy, or laboratory equipment), anywhere in the world.

Our translation agency offers clients translation services for the medical sector with rapid turnaround times and an excellent cost/quality ratio, with the awareness that the key success factors for medical companies competing internationally are:

  • competitive time to market and a rapid response to this market’s urgent needs
  • cost effectiveness, as companies face pressure from start-ups and emerging businesses.

Our aim is to help clients respond competitively to the growing demand for translations for medical devices currently coming from major global powerhouses, including emerging countries.

Resources and tools for impeccable translations for the medical sector

What are the tools we need to guarantee flawless medical translations and top-quality medical device localization?

  • Carefully vetted, highly qualified native speakers with years of experience in the medical and technical/scientific fields
  • refresher courses and ongoing training
  • the latest and best technologies in the language industry

Some types of translations that Way2Global handles are:

  • manuals for the use, servicing, maintenance and installation of devices
  • informational and publicity material, such as brochures, leaflets, flyers and pamphlets
  • E-commerce localization
  • Multimedia content for web marketing, subtitling and dubbing
  • Localization of websites, portals, apps and software
  • Interfaces between IoT devices and technologies to connect people and machines via PCs, tablets, smartphones and other devices.

The work cycle we follow when translating for the medical sector, medical devices and electromedical equipment ensures the utmost rigor and an eye for detail in every stage of the process, from learning our client’s official terminology to creating customized term databases for each client company, to faithful translation into the target language. This process continues with multiple proofreading checks and quality controls on the final formatted text.

Our in-house graphics department is equipped with all the desktop publishing and graphic design packages and software to manage any type of file and create professionally formatted documents, even in the most complex languages like Arabic and Chinese, with no additional cost to the client.

Providing clients with the best translations for the medical sector, medical devices and electromedical equipment is part of our mission and it is our calling to promote international communications by driving the global development of science and medicine and seeing that it reaches all corners of the world.


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