Video game translation and localization: for an ultra-realistic experience

Video game translation and localization plays a crucial role in engaging an audience and creating an immersive experience which allows users from all over the world to play video games and feel like they are part of the story.

As such, we go beyond simply providing impeccable video game translation services. Instead, we offer a localization service, which involves adapting a video game for an international audience, taking into account both linguistic and cultural aspects and delivering added value which makes for a perfect user experience in every country of the world.

Our video game localization service uses the best specialist translators and features a dedicated project manager for every client. Our team is familiar with the needs of companies operating in the video games market and works closely with you to proactively manage the video game localization process.

As well as experienced translators and project managers, a range of other figures often collaborate on video game translation and localization projects:

  • Dubbing artists
  • Subtitlers
  • Transcreators, for more creative requirements
  • Reviewers, for the checking process
  • Copywriters and editor, for script adaptation
  • QA personnel

We use the best technology to ensure perfection and guarantee linguistic and terminological uniformity: translation memories, style guides and termbases are just a few examples of the tech we use.

The combination of the best human resources and this cutting-edge technology enables our agency to provide the best possible video game localization service, backed up by triple ISO certification.

Moreover, thanks to a strategic partnership, we have a production and post-production centre equipped with the latest technology spanning:

  • digital editing
  • special effects
  • graphics
  • soundtracks and music tracks
  • dubbing
  • authoring
  • mastering

Thanks to this approach, we can offer a comprehensive video game translation and localization service of the highest quality, providing our clients with a decisive competitive advantage in international markets thanks to savings in time and costs.


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