App localization and translation services: every language covered


App localization and translation not only enables users to access apps and software in their own language, but also ensures that they feel surrounded by a familiar environment. The process looks beyond the language to focus on cultural adaptation, improving the user experience and facilitating the usage of your product around the world. Quite simply, app localization and translation equates to a massive competitive advantage over the rest of the market.

Electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers are created in a way that lends itself to internationalization: the text to be processed as part of the app localization and translation service is separated from the source code, which must remain complete and unaltered. And we’re the perfect partner when it comes to ensuring this is all done correctly.

In addition to delivering a significant commercial return, localizing an app enables you to boost the growth of your brand around the world.

Our app localization and translation team includes:

  • native-speaker technical translators specializing in app localization and translation
  • translators with expertise in the specific sectors relevant to each app (gaming, IT, health, tourism, sport, finance)
  • expert proofreaders and editors, who undertake stringent checks on translated content
  • transcreators, where more creative localization is required
  • in-house desktoppublishers and technicians, who can work with any format type
  • graphicdesign department and industry experts who can oversee the localization of multimedia content
  • dedicated projectmanagers who are ready and waiting to meet your needs and provide customized solutions

We also draw on the latest app localization and translation technology to ensure impeccable service with a fast turnaround, underpinned by the guarantee of triple ISO certification.

We have the capability to work with any file type (.string, .apk and others) and any platform (iOS, Android or Windows), ensuring we can deliver the best possible app localization and translation service and enable our clients to showcase their content on the international market.