Fashion sector translations: the haute couture of language services

The fashion sector translations provided by our translation agency are based on an awareness of the complex nature of language services in the fashion world. Fashion sector translations require professionals to strike the perfect balance between specialist skills and elegant styling in order to faithfully convey the image of high-profile clients.

Our translation agency is located in Milan, the beating heart of Italian and international fashion. As such, we have three decades of experience providing our fashion sector translations to the most prestigious international brands around.

Our extensive knowledge of the industry allows us to deliver bespoke fashion sector translations with perfectly respond to the needs of any client. It’s made us a preferred fashion sector translation partner for some of the most prestigious Italian and international fashion houses and luxury brands.

  • team of native-speaker translators specializing in fashion sector translation services
  • team of expert fashion linguists
  • team of native-speaker editors and proofreaders undertaking multiple checks during the post-translation phase
  • dedicated project managers working closely with clients throughout the translation process
  • native-speaker transcreators for creative content localization
  • copywriting services (brand analysis, corporate identity and communication register studies, creation of style guides and custom terminology databases) available in all languages for digital marketing campaigns
  • internal desktop publishing department allowing us to quickly deal with any graphic/lay-out requests

Thanks to our team, we’re able to respond to any client requirement and deliver fashion sector translation services that are comprehensive, quick and of the highest quality.

Our fashion sector translation services encompass the entire industry, including haute couture labels, prêt-à-porter brands, accessory companies, textiles manufacturers, communication agencies, fashion outlets and blogs.

We offer fashion sector translation services covering all types of documents, from catalogues to product data sheets via brochures, magazines and lookbooks, but one of our key focus areas is online. We specialize in translating websites and e-commerce solutions and localizing both traditional and digital marketing material in any language.

Every fashion brand looking to expand into global marks and bring its unique style, taste and talent to the wider world deserves a dependable partner such as our translation agency.

Simultaneous interpreting for the fashion industry

Simultaneous interpreting for the fashion industry is the must-have accessory which completes our comprehensive fashion sector translation service.

Our strategic location enables us to serve as the language partner of many of the fashion events that take place in Milan, and as such we are acutely aware of the complexities of the industry. Organizing the launch of a new collection or line is a huge, complex task for fashion professionals.

For every event, we offer our clients simultaneous or consecutive interpreting services, taking care of all technical requirements such as systems, booths, headphones or mobile interpreting solutions.

We go above and beyond the call of duty, providing a consultancy service to help the customer select the most suitable, efficient solution for each requirement, guaranteeing the success of the event.

Our fashion sector translation services will allow you to overcome the language barrier and let your style conquer the world.


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