Cosmetics sector translations: beauty in any language

Cosmetics sector translations require a range of different skills:

  • mastery of the technical vocabulary used in technical and product specs listing raw materials and ingredients
  • necessary creativity for effectively conveying messages in advertising campaigns
  • marketing communication and e-commerce texts in different languages

Our approach to cosmetics sector translations are based on the understanding that the industry is packed with technical jargon and a communication style which is unique to the area. As such, we only allocate cosmetics sector translations to native-speaker professionals with proven technical expertise.

With our team of translators specializing in the cosmetics sector, we are able to enhance the communication of activities of cosmetics operators and producers, covering all target languages and global markets. Not only are the style and tone of source texts conveyed with precision, but their effectiveness is taken to the next level thanks to a sensitive localization process designed to match the culture and linguistic customs of the target countries.

The growth of the beauty industry and subsequent rise in demand for cosmetics sector translations have inspired us to build a team of highly qualified linguists specializing in different areas of multilingual communication for the cosmetics sector:

  • copywriting for marketing and advertising
  • technical/specialist areas spanning packaging and machinery
  • scientific for research & development
  • legal for patents
  • technical/scientific for articles in technical journals, closely tied with pharmaceuticals and aesthetic medicine

Our specialist cosmetics sector translation department, team of dedicated project managers for each client and internal desktop publishing and layout department enable us to support clients throughout the entire workflow, simplifying procedures and ensuring meticulous control over every single step. The upshot? An impeccable cosmetics sector translation service, guaranteed.

Mindful of the increasingly globalized nature of the industry, our cosmetics sector translation service also features a cosmetics sector interpreting service covering all requirements, markets and language combinations.

Our cosmetics sector services cover a wide range of areas:

  • websites
  • e-commerce
  • press releases
  • packaging
  • product information sheets
  • articles for journals
  • videos
  • multimedia presentations
  • advertising campaigns
  • patents
  • contracts
  • regulatory and/or legal documentation

For each of these cosmetics sector segments, we ensure that the most suitable terminology is chosen for each specific client, combining quality of our native-speaker professionals with the support of proofreading specialists to deliver the best service on the market.


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