Our legal translations for mergers and acquisitions also merit special mention.

M&A translations concern the transfer of investments in privately owned or publicly listed companies, joint ventures, management buy-outs, and other deals involving financial leverage (e.g., leveraged buy-outs) or equity instruments, securitization, etc.

This sector also covers business restructuring through bankruptcy procedures and public M&As with or without delisting, including public offers for sale and/or subscription.

It is a strategic aspect of business management enabling companies to expand or downsize, revolutionize their business or redefine their competitive position on the international market, which is why these translations constitute an important niche of corporate law translation.

These processes normally entail a complex, extensive process the finalization of the documents with a focus on due diligence. From the time when the preliminary draft is issued to when the definitive document is approved, any number of edits are made by the various members of the team of lawyers, legal experts, and advisors in a frenetic series of revisions up to the closing.

Given their strategic importance, procedural complexity and the generally substantial amount of documentation, legal translations for M&As are assigned to competent, specialized translators capable of delivering impeccable target texts and offering:

  • constant coverage for the duration of the entire M&A process;
  • quick turnaround, flexibility, and availability
  • expert knowledge for the translation of a vast range of different types of documents (business, legal, financial, and technical)

With an extensive network of qualified native-speaking translators, our translation agency provides complete, efficient legal translation services for mergers and acquisitions.

Our project managers oversee all aspects of the project from start to finish, supervising the rapid-fire flow of updates and revisions promptly and professionally, for an impeccable M&A translation service.