Legal translations for compliance: regulations, guidelines and 231 organizational models

Our legal translations for compliance include regulations, guidelines, and 231 organizational models, covering the compliance needs of multi-practice firms.

Within a business, the internal audit and other control functions, such as…

  • compliance
  • risk management
  • anti-money laundering
  • anti-fraud
  • credit control
  • IRB systems

…are deeply integrated, and successful businesses invest in quality translations of compliance documents in their broadest sense, i.e., covering all aspects of corporate governance and regulatory obligations.

Compliance is crucial for international companies because it prevents potential risks, especially in the rapidly shifting waters of global markets.

This is why at the international level, the translation of compliance documents like regulations, guidelines, and the 231 organizational model must be entrusted to professional experts specialized in legal, accounting, administrative, financial and similar fields.

Compliance is, by its very nature, multi-practice and therefore requires an integrated team of experts with different backgrounds and skills.

Similarly, legal translations of regulations, guidelines, and 231 organizational models require teams of native-speaking translators whose expertise covers a cross-section of knowledge, from international legislation to the terminology specific to the relevant sector, administrative regulations, etc.

Our agency’s legal translations of regulations, guidelines, and the 231 organizational models are the perfect solution for any company active on the international market.

Our extensive network of translators means we can choose the best professionals and set up specific work teams with all the skills needed to provide impeccable legal translations of compliance documents.

Ad hoc teams are set up and available, coordinated by a project manager, to:

  • meet any request in terms of language, industry, and size
  • provide assistance throughout the complete translation process, from the initial consultation to delivery
  • be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with our correspondent offices around the world
  • guarantee rapid response and optimal management of any emergencies.

Only a translation agency like Way2Global, with carefully vetted professionals and made-to-measure solutions for every client, can ensure the impeccable translation of regulations, guidelines, and 231 organizational models in any language.

In a constantly changing context, where dynamism, flexibility, training, ongoing updates, and passion are crucial factors for translating regulations, guidelines, and 231 organizational models, our professionals are the right answer.


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