Legal translation services for litigation and arbitration

Legal translations for litigation and arbitration are a core segment of our agency’s legal translations.

While terminological precision and impeccable quality are the foundation of all our work, we devote even greater care and rigor to management of documents in this area.

Our translation agency is well aware of the strategic advantage that effective international dispute management can create at the corporate level given the economic repercussions, other implications, and resources involved. This is why we have developed a specific division devoted to legal translations for litigation and arbitration.

Legal translations for litigation, arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) require rigorous consistency of lexicon and interpretation in a constantly evolving context.

Complexity, a diversity of approaches, and innovative and multi-disciplinary solutions are the gatekeepers to impeccable translation services for disputes across multiple jurisdictions and mean language professionals must be trained in multiple areas and disciplines and stay constantly up to date.

With an extensive network of native-speaking experts, we provide our clients with teams of professional translators specialized in litigation and arbitration for any language combination they need.

Our highly professional project management team entrusts each legal translation for litigation and arbitration to an integrated team with:

  • native-speaking translators specialized in legal translations for litigation in any language
  • expert linguists for related sectors
  • native-speaking proofreaders for every step in the revision of translated texts
  • technical advisors and specialized legal experts

These professionals combine their expertise for impeccable legal translations for litigation and arbitration in every project.

We have partnered with major international law firms for years, translating documents in connection with trade disputes, national civil court litigation across multiple jurisdictions, and international arbitration.

In legal translations for litigation and arbitration, we guarantee:

  • professionalism
  • availability and timeliness
  • constant updates
  • flexibility
  • experience

These are the qualities that make our translation agency the ideal partner for law firms specialized in litigation and arbitration.


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