Among legal translations, labor law translations are the most delicate.

Labor law translations mainly concern the cross-border repercussions of legislation applicable to employment relationships, in both litigation and out-of-court disputes, and the various aspects of how professional relationships are established, managed and ended.

However, these services also include translating the legal documents of international companies undergoing restructuring and reorganization, including talks with trade unions, specifically in connection with:

  • spin-offs
  • business crises
  • government income assistance
  • collective lay-offs
  • temporary redundancy
  • solidarity pacts

Labor law translations are, therefore, an important, complex branch of legal translation requiring comparative knowledge — in both the source and target languages — of an extensive body of laws, standards, regulations, and sources of legislation specific to each individual country.

This is why our labor law translations are entrusted to professional translators who ensure:

  • absolute terminological precision
  • alignment with the relevant legal system
  • a faithful translation of the original

Specialized in the legal sector, our translation agency provides you with native-speaking professionals specialized in labor law translations in every language combination.

With years of experience and expertise in labor law under their belt, combined with ongoing training and refresher courses, our translators provide an impeccable, rapid labor law translation service for any type of document:

  • Contracts
  • Staff regulations
  • Directives
  • Employment certificates
  • Codes of conduct
  • Litigation

With a vast network of specialized linguists and legal professionals, our translation agency is the ideal partner for labor law, pension and social security language services.


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