Translations of patents and intellectual property documents (IP)

Translation of intellectual property documents, like patents, trademarks, and other IP texts is a strategic lever for any IP firm that protects its clients’ intellectual property rights so they may compete on the international market.

Translation of intellectual and industrial property rights documentation is a crucial growth factor for businesses intent on safeguarding these assets at the global level.

Registering international patents means submitting the translation of intellectual property documents in the local language in all countries where they are to be filed.

It is essential to translate intellectual property documents, so that they are:

  • faithful to the source text to safeguard the integrity of the inventor’s concepts
  • terminologically accurate, with rigorous respect for the lexicon used in the field of the patent

We devote the due attention to clearly translating each specific part of the intellectual property application:

  • title
  • abstract
  • state of the art
  • statement of case
  • description of preferred form
  • any drawings
  • primary and secondary claims

At Way2Global, every patent and any intellectual property text is first scrupulously examined and analyzed to determine the technical and legal expertise needed for its translation, and therefore identify the best translators in our network of native-speaking experts.

We assign intellectual property translations to a team of highly qualified translators:

  • experts in their respective technical fields
  • specialized in the translation of intellectual property documents
  • with the legal expertise necessary for legal translations of this complexity and legal value

All our expert linguists specialized in translation of intellectual property documents use glossaries and term databases compiled on the basis of in-depth research using accredited and institutional sources (Italian Patent Office, European Patent Office, SIAE, World Intellectual Property Organization, US Patents and Trademarks Office, etc.), scrupulously following any other texts, instructions or references provided by the client.

Protection and confidentiality in translation of intellectual property documents

Intellectual property attests to a company’s innovation and competitiveness. Protecting the privacy and data of our clients is therefore the golden rule in managing these types of texts.

At our translation agency, confidentiality and security are the basic guarantees we give every client. And when we manage translation of intellectual property documents, we take even more stringent measures.

Translators, project managers, and all the members of the translation team are bound by strict confidentiality agreements and use encrypted-access IT systems and platforms protected by redundant controls and safeguards.

Our teams of experts, led by project managers and equipped with the best cutting-edge technologies for translating intellectual property documents, guarantee quality, speed, and security.

Each of these qualities is essential for impeccable intellectual property translations.


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