Corporate law translations for global businesses


Corporate law translations are the most common in the field of trade law, which is in turn a core branch of the legal translation sector.

This is why our translation agency, Way2Global, has a team of translators devoted to corporate law projects.

Corporate law translations relate to:

  • incorporating, governing, winding up and liquidating companies
  • mergers and acquisitions (M&As)
  • corporate responsibility
  • equity transactions between owners
  • corporate finance deals
  • business crisis management

Corporate law translation services therefore cover a wide range of cases and include various types of documents. The following contracts are the most frequently requested:

  • agency contracts
  • supply contracts
  • sales contracts
  • finance leases
  • financing contracts

as well as

  • mandates
  • letters of intent
  • preliminary contracts
  • agreements
  • bids
  • invitations to tender
  • project specifications

In addition to these, corporate law translations include a broad spectrum of contracts relating to labor law, banking, and succession.

Translating corporate law documents is therefore an extremely critical and sensitive profession, which requires:

  • translating expertise with respect to legal, technical, and business terms
  • a careful analysis of terminological and other equivalence between the different legal systems in the countries where the source and target languages are spoken
  • the correct interpretation and comprehensive knowledge of updates to regulations, directives, and the applicable codes (Incoterms, Unidroit Principles, and CFR)
  • speed, availability, and timeliness, to meet clients’ frequently urgent requests

Our translation agency provides clients with a team of dedicated native-speaking translators specialized in corporate and trade law for every language combination.

Coordinated by our project managers, our language professionals have the knowledge and specific experience to satisfy our clients and their needs.

Supported by a vast network of specialized editors, legal experts, and consultants and cutting-edge language industry technologies, our expert linguists provide impeccable corporate law translations to our valued clients in the legal industry.


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