Language services designed for global expansion in China are of vital importance now that China has emerged as one of the leading global superpowers.

An emerging, dynamic market that is constantly expanding, China represents a wonderful opportunity for Italian companies to offset the stagnation of the domestic market, offering them the chance to stimulate sales and boost their competitiveness.

Our translation agency is a great ally for any company looking to expand in China. We can take care of all your linguistic and cultural communication needs, using our local presence in the country to accompany you in targeting a market that couldn’t be more different from our own.

Though internationalization is about much more than just language and culture, it’s also true that those factors play a fundamental role in ensuring the success of an expansion strategy in China.

Our language services for global expansion in China bring you into contact with the best Chinese translation and localization professionals, whether you need document translation or interpreting support.

Our Chinese language services can determine the international success of any large, medium or small company looking to take advantage of commercial opportunities in China.

Our dedicated teams are skilled in supporting the most popular sectors in China. Whether it’s fashion, design and luxury, finance or industry, excellence seems irresistible to Chinese consumers right now.

With 30 years’ experience working with the biggest names in Italian fashion and luxury, combined with extensive contacts in our home city of Milan, a cultural melting pot and the nerve center of Italian luxury, Way2Global is the ideal partner when it comes to language services for global expansion in China.

Our huge network of expert, native-speaker Chinese professionals includes:

  • translators
  • interpreters
  • proofreaders
  • editors
  • copywriters
  • consultants

These professionals, combined with all the other team members striving to deliver excellence for our clients, are the foundation of our triple ISO-certified Quality System, comprising consolidated methodologies and the most innovative technology available:

  • CAT tools
  • MT
  • PEMT
  • Integrated workflow platforms
  • Flexible architectures

This enables us to deliver language services of the highest quality, at competitive prices and with unrivaled turnaround times.

We draw on our experience of delivering language services to facilitate global expansion in China for promoting our clients’ brands and optimizing their communication strategies on the Chinese market. We help them to boost their business operations in this vast country with limitless potential.


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