Internationalization language services: translation and localization


Internationalization language services are just one of the many ways Way2Global works in close collaboration with companies looking to expand their business and grow in overseas markets. Our internationalization language services go further than simple translation and localization, encompassing additional consultancy support and ensuring compliance with the legislative and regulatory requirements of different countries.

A key part of our internationalization language service is the analysis of local dialects, taking into account the variations between English in Great Britain, Australia and the United States, for example. And we apply the same logic to the main Italian-speaking regions closer to us, such as the Ticino or the Grisons Cantons, where the Swiss Italian spoken has its own lexicon and syntactic structures.

Internationalization language services are especially important in emerging markets, such as those in the Far East and Arab countries, where successful communication is possible only through a full knowledge of the cultural intricacies at play and the ways in which these have an influence on verbal and non-verbal communication. Within this context and countless others like it around the world, the role of our native-speaker interpreters and translators as mediators is crucial in ensuring the success of global expansion strategies.

As such, we offer a wide range of internationalization language services designed to support companies operating on the global stage, from offshoring to opening new locations, training personnel and generally transferring business and financial information in accordance with local regulations and linguistic norms in the destination country.

Drawing on our vast network of expert linguists and industry professionals, managed and coordinated by a series of local correspondent offices in key locations, we provide internationalization language services spanning interpretation, certification, legalization and consularization to any company expanding into popular markets such as the UAE, the UK and the USA.


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