Real estate translations: a crucial service

Real estate translations are a vital service, with the key players in the industry well aware of the current challenges facing them in an increasingly global market:

  • boosting the value of capital, assets and property
  • pursuing environmentally sustainable growth
  • dealing with constantly changing regulatory requirements and financial risks

Given the above context, real estate sector translations deliver guaranteed added value!

Through our real estate sector translations, we support the largest industry players at every stage of the value chain: from engineering design to architectural design, town planning, major construction companies and developers, institutional, public and private investors, project financing for the infrastructure, construction and industrial segments, venture capital, investment banks, investment trusts, asset management companies and fund managers.

We also work with facility and property management companies, real estate and brokerage companies that manage the sale of commercial and industrial buildings and buildings for the tourism and hospitality industries, legal advisers, auditors and insurance companies that deal with large real estate portfolios and transactions.

The key to success in such a complex industry lies in a company’s ability to find an exclusive partner capable of handling real estate sector translations in any language required by the global market. Quite simply, companies need a first-rate partner like Way2Global, who can provide specialist expertise, global coverage and a triple guarantee in the form of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17100 and ISO 18587 certification.

Expert real estate sector translations

Our multilingual real estate sector translations, produced by our expert translation team, cover specifications relating to urban revitalization projects, residential or industrial property, sports facilities or large public works and infrastructure. We often translate entire document flows, from due diligence to the closing of the transaction, right up to the preparation of investment plans and all the contracts awarded to contractors.

Feasibility studies, specifications, mortgage deeds and performance bonds are just a few of the areas of real estate sector translation we specialize in, requiring cross-discipline expertise ranging from industrial and civil engineering (design, techniques and materials) to law (contracts, rules, regulations and taxation).

Our expert professionals specializing in real estate sector translations are able to:

  • make a significant contribution to the growth in visibility of promotional content
  • ensure maximum discretion and absolute loyalty to the original text

The real estate sector translations produced by Way2Global’s team of linguists adhere to the international regulatory system, spanning regulations, directives and rules in their most recent forms, including IPMS (International Property Measurement Standards).