We have been providing financial translations for 30 years, supporting about 60% of the companies listed on the Italian Stock Exchange with the translation of financial statements and financial reports.

Thanks to the sensitivity and know-how we have acquired over the course of our many years in the business, we are able to choose the most suitable linguistic register for every type of document.

More specifically, our financial translations cover all areas of this sector:

  • Capital Markets & Asset Management
  • Banking;
  • Insurance;
  • Real Estate;
  • Auditing and consultancy.

We have consolidated our expertise through the translation of documents such as:

  • Annual, quarterly and half-yearly financial statements
  • Transfer Pricing documents
  • Reports and business plans
  • Regulations, directives, policies
  • Comments from financial managers and analysts
  • KIIDs (Key Investor Information Documents) and prospectuses.

An in-depth understanding of the world of domestic and international finance underpins the quality of our translations. Many of our linguists have previously worked as analysts and traders and all keep up to date with changes to legislation and trends within the sector.

We use a number of specialists on each project, including linguists, translators, revisers and financial industry professionals, to ensure that the end product we deliver to our clients is of the highest quality.

Translations of financial statements and reports

With over 200 financial statements translated every year, our core business is the translation of all types of reports:

  • consolidated;
  • statutory;
  • annual;
  • quarterly;
  • half-yearly;
  • integrated;
  • sustainability;
  • social;

In addition to their mother tongue knowledge of the working languages, our translators have in-depth knowledge of the financial sector and are always up-to-date on the standards that govern reporting, whether these are purely financial regulations such as the International Accounting Standards (IAS) or the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), or regulations relating to the most up-to-date forms of non-financial reporting, such as:

  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI);
  • Accounting for Sustainability (A4S);
  • Sustainability German Code;
  • International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC).

Whatever the applicable standard and whatever language combination is required, Way2Global has the best resources to translate all types of report with the requisite speed and quality.

Why choose our financial translations?

Our financial translations are carried out in accordance with the needs of our clients and a consolidated work cycle based on the following characteristics.

Promptness. Speed is of strategic importance, especially when it comes to important documents like those in the financial sector. Way2Global guarantees maximum flexibility in terms of translation delivery times and always meets its clients’ needs. We are also able to manage page layout and professional graphics in all formats thanks to our in-house DTP department which uses a wide range of programmes (InDesign, Illustrator etc.)

Quality and accuracy of terminology. In order to underline Way2Global’s meticulous approach to managing its services, we have decided to certify our translation management process with three Quality Certifications: ISO EN 9001, ISO 171000 and ISO 18587. To guarantee terminological accuracy we adopt the official terminology of institutions like the ECB, the Bank of Italy, Borsa Italiana and ABI, and we also use and regularly update specific and vertical terminology databases and glossaries approved by individual clients.

Specialist team for financial translations. The Project Manager in charge selects the most suitable resources for each assignment. Each team is made up of mother tongue translators, revisers and proofreaders who specialise in the specific field in question.

Confidentiality. Given the importance and sensitive nature of the content of the translations, each and every member of our team is committed to ensuring the utmost confidentiality of the economic data contained in the documents. All Way2Global collaborators adhere to binding non-disclosure agreements and strict policies governing corporate data access and security.

Sustainability. Entrusting Way2Global with your financial translations also means contributing, albeit indirectly, to generating a positive impact on the community and the environment. In fact, Way2Global is a certified B Corporation which has been carrying out various projects for the benefit of all its stakeholders, such as Green Translations, since it was founded.

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